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About NABA
NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano - is an innovative Arts and Design Academy and at the same time a dynamic artistic and cultural centre.

It is the largest private Academy in Italy, and in 1980 it was legally recognised and became part of the Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM) system, part of the Italian university sector headed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). It was the first Academy to start approved programs in fashion, graphics and design.

As recognised Academy, NABA offers first level academic diplomas equivalent to first level university degrees. NABA also offers two-year MA Programs, one-year Academic Master Programs and a Ph.D Program in Arts and Technology, Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs, special International Programs held in English (Semester Abroad Programs and Summer Prgrams).

Strongly oriented towards experimentation, NABA aims at integrating education, research and production and at fostering a cross-disciplinary, intercultural and socially responsible approach to education and artistic production.

NABA is a non-state institution belonging to the Higher Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM) system, a section of the Italian University system ruled by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). The three-year Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs, the two-year Master of Arts Degree Programs and the Master Programs lead to the attainment of legally recognised degrees and to the achievement of educational credits that will allow students to continue their studies in Academies and Universities in Italy and abroad.

NABA has also made an agreement with Regione Lombardia (Lombardy's Regional Authority) that allows qualified students to benefit from the contributions set by the Authority for the Right to University Study (DSU - Diritto allo Studio Universitario).

NABA has developed a set of programs in English specifically designed for international students. These programs include Semester Abroad Programs, Summer Programs and one-year Master Programs. The structure of the one-year Master Programs follows the indications of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and therefore issues 60 European Credits.

The NABA Srl is certified by the auditing company Deloitte & Touche.

Educational Offer
BA Programs
NABA educational offer is structured in three major training areas: Visual Arts, Communication and Design. These areas comprise six NABA Programs: Painting and Visual Arts, Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Art Direction, Media Design and Multimedia Arts, Theatre Design.

Besides Painting and Visual Arts and Theatre Design, disciplines that are traditionally present in Fine Arts Academies and that have been revisited in a contemporary perspective, the investigation and operational attitudes of contemporary designers as well as the tools they commonly use will be explored. These Programs are intended for students with an interest for project culture and artistic experimentation. NABA program curricula include various kinds of training activities, individual and class work so as to offer a wide range of critical, methodological and operative skills that are necessary to develop autonomous research and an ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.

NABA educational environment aims at promoting relations based on trust, exchange and collaboration and at stimulating an individual development that is not influenced by a competitive selection process.

Through a number of research projects and numerous collaborations with Italian and foreign institutions, students become aware of the social responsibility of those who design objects and images for collective fruition in an interconnected and multi-cultural world.

In order to meet the needs of working students, NABA offers the possibility to attend the undergraduate three-year courses in "Fashion Design" and in "Graphic Design and Art Direction" in the evening and envisaging special condition of attendance.

Two-year Master of Arts Degree
Master of Arts (MA) Degree programs are intended for students who wish to complete their five-year academic/university curriculum (3+2). The programs foresee deep academic content and high levels of specialization, with theoretical disciplines being followed by intensive project work. It is possible to acquire 120 credits and to receive a diploma equivalent to a fully recognized MA degree, valid for further studies in the university system in Italy and abroad.

Master of Arts Degree programs offered in the Academic Year 2011/2012:

Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies
Communication Design
Fashion and Textile Design
Film and new Media

One Year Academic Master
Academic Master Programs are annual courses for students who wish to acquire a specialized education within a period of intensive studies aimed at gaining experience and relations in the artistic and professional world. It is possible to acquire 60 credits, valid for further studies in Italy or abroad, aimed at being awarded an MA Degree (corresponding to a total of 120 credits). Such programs are also aimed at professionals who wish to give a new development to their professional career, gaining new technical and project skills.
Academic Master Programs offered in the Academic Year 2011/2012:

Interior Design "New Domestic Landscapes"
Photography and Visual Design, in collaboration with FORMA Centro Internazionale di Fotografia
For the Academic Year 2012/2013 it will be activated also the Master
"Paesaggi Straordinari" in Landscape Design, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano / Indaco Deparment

Programs held in English
One of the most valuable educational benefits that NABA offers is the opportunity to study with a highly diverse international community of students. To support our international students, we are developing special programs in English.

Beginning with the fall 2011 semester, three of our undergraduate degrees will be available for study in English: BA in Design, BA in Fashion Design, BA in Graphic Design & Art Direction.

Additionally, the following special programs and postgraduate degrees are conducted in English:
Semester Abroad Programs
Summer Programs
Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design
Master of Arts In Design
Academic Master in Interior Design

Language Foundation Semester in Design
The Foundation Semester is designed for high school graduates who need to improve their language skills and intend to enrol in one of NABA's three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees.

The semester gives students a basic introduction to our curricula in Painting and Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Art Direction, Design, Fashion Design, Media Design and Multimedia Arts. For international students that desire to enter the Italian BA pathway, the foundation program will develop proficiency in Italian language so they can get the most out of studying at NABA and in Milan.

Carefully calibrated modules facilitate a gradual acquisition of increasingly advanced language skills. The program includes a strategic combination of intensive Italian language classes (290 lessons), workshops in the major NABA BA degree disciplines (Basic Drawing, Visual Arts, Graphic and Media, Fashion Design, Design), and cultural field trips in Milan.

A welcome orientation with intro to life in Milano, safety, lectures from NABA faculty on main discipline and specific field trips. Following this five-month program, a 45-hour Summer Course allows students to focus on the discipline they believe they want to pursue for their NABA BA degree. Throughout the Semester, a tutor will assist students in the creation of a portfolio that will be presented as part of the admission testing process for the Bachelor of Arts program.

Learning Outcomes

Intense academic and non-academic cultural activities will enhance student's independent critical thinking and help them decide which academic path suits their ability, aspiration and potential.

Students will also achieve a good working knowledge of the English or Italian language.

This is vital in order for them to benefit completely from studying in Milan and from integrating fully in the Italian cultural environment. A final test will be administered for admission into the NABA Bachelor of Arts programs. Students who complete the Foundation Semester acquire the skills to pass the entrance exam. Schedules, Deadlines and Requirements

The Foundation Semester is available only from January through mid-July. The application deadline is mid-November of the preceding year.

Admission requirements:

* 450 TOEFL score or IELTS 4.5 required for English Foundation
* High school transcripts
* Visa
* Health insurance

Italian Language
A total of 290 lessons spread along the curriculum, starting with a four- week intensive Italian course together with other International students to begin the language learning process in a multicultural environment. A final test will be considered valid to fulfill NABA Italian language requirement to be admitted into the BA programs.

A full week of orientation on life in Milan, safety in Milan, transportations. An introduction to the main NABA disciplines will be provided, lectured by NABA instructors. Field trips to major Design and Fashion exhibition or events in town will be offered in the afternoon. 15 hours

Basic Drawing
How to draw. Introduction on basic drawing techniques that provides the foundation for all the Design and Fashion courses. A course that will focus on sketching, manual and free style drawing.35 hours.

Visual Arts Workshop
How to draw. The students are introduced to the different drawing techniques with the presence of a real life model. Students will learn the basic academic design practices as well as building real drawing skills while having fun. 24 hours.

Graphic and Media Workshop

Fashion Design Workshop
Milan fashion and design styles. Studying and analysing trend setters in Milano by visiting showrooms, gallery, exhibitions. Students will be taking pictures to monitor, comment and research the step toward trend settings. 24 hours

Design Workshop
Thinking about, talking about, and making objects. A workshop where the students will explore different stages of observation and experimentation with a range of materials. They will focus on various facets of objects toward the creation and construction of an object in 3D. 24 hours

Portfolio creation
A group and individual support will be provided to our students in order to prepare a successful and valuable portfolio. The students will create the portfolio during our workshops and then revise it and adapt it to NABA standards with a NABA specialized tutor. 20 hours.

Summer Courses
A two-week intensive summer course in the fields of Design, Fashion, Graphic or Media that the students can choose from NABA offer. 45 hours.