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About Domus Academy
Domus Academy was founded in Milan in 1982 as the first postgraduate design school in Italy, and as an open project focusing on the Italian Design and Fashion experience. Throughout the years, DA also asserted its importance as a school, in the full meaning of the term: a place for postgraduate education and research lab investigating innovation and design topics.

In December 2009 Domus Academy joined the Laureate International Universities Network, an international highlevel education network for art and design. The Academy offers 10 masters courses, attended by students from all over the world: Masters in Accessories Design, Masters in Business Design, Masters in Car Design, Masters in Design, Masters in Fashion Design, Masters in Interaction Design, Masters in Interior and Living Design, Masters in Urban Vision and Architectural Design, Masters in Fashion Management, Masters in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising, Masters in Service and Experience Design.

Ranking & Awards
The Domus Academy approach has received the highest accolades from third-party authorities.

In 1994 Domus Academy was awarded to Compasso d'Oro for the career for the quality of its teaching and publishing, for its constant attention to borderline themes, from humanization of technology to exploring the relationship between design and fashion, from reflection on the sociology of design to design management and to design of services.

In 2009, Domus Academy was nominated for the third time by Business Week magazine as one of the best schools of design in the world.

Students from Domus Academy have been selected in international contests like ITS, Next Generation/ Milan Fashion Week, Vogue Talents, Who's on Next and Red Dot Award. Domus Academy projects have been exhibited in Venice Architectural Biennial 2004 and 2010 and at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Validation & Accreditation
The Domus Academy Master Diploma, awarded at the end of each Master course upon successful completion of the program, states the specialization achieved. The achievement of the Master Diploma depends on the successful completion of the Master program.

Domus Academy Master Courses are not recognized by MIUR Italian Ministry of University and Research. However, the majority of Domus Academy Masters Courses are validated and awarded by the University of Wales, Cardiff, U.K.

The Master Degree awarded by the University of Wales to students who have been matriculated by the same University and who successfully completed the validated Master program has a value of 180 U.K. Credits.

For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to www.wales.ac.uk/validation or email validation@wales.ac.uk

How to get Wales Validation
The Validation Fee for applying for the Matriculation with the University of Wales is of 655,42 Euro and it is not included in the Master Course' s Tuition Fee.

Those students who decide to apply for the University of Wales Matriculation are required to transfer the Validation fee to DA by one month upon the beginning of the Master Course. In case of non-Matriculation, the Validation Fee will be refunded to the student.

The IELTS 6.0 Certificate or Recognized Equivalent is one of the Entry Requirements set by the University of Wales in order to be matriculated by the same University. The Students who wouldn't be able to accomplish this requirement on entry are given the possibility to provide it by the end of the first semester of regular attendance to the Master Course

The University of Wales, located in Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NS (U.K.) has been established according to the British Legislation and, therefore, the Titles and Degrees given by it are fully recognized within the U.K.

Available Master Programs (Duration 12 months)
1) Design
2) Car Design
3) Interaction Design
4) Service & Experience Design
5) Business Design
6) Fashion Management
7) Fashion Design
8) Accesories Design
9) Interior & Living Design
10) Urban Vision & Architectural Design
11) Fashion styling & Visual Merchandising
12) Marketing of Luxury Goods
13) Visual Brand Design
(All courses are held in English)