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Why Should I study Abroad?
Study abroad is an enriching and eye opening adventure, where learning extends far beyond the classroom. The experience will expose you to new ways of thinking, living, and viewing the world. Benefits include the opportunity to learn about other cultures firsthand, learn an entirely new language or become fluent in one you have already studied. You can travel, fulfill major and minor coursework requirements, and develop new intellectual pursuits, skills and perspectives.
How will a study abroad experience enhance my employment opportunities?
Employers increasingly seek graduates who have international experience, and a study abroad experience enhances your employability. International knowledge, cross cultural communication skills, flexibility, resilience and the ability to adapt to new circumstances are skills enhanced through study abroad exposure. And all this definitely attracts the potential recruiters.
Who is a Designer?
A designer is a professional who creates new products, interfaces and environments or improves those that already exist for enhancing the quality of life. A designer by nature is a highly creative person and enjoys solving problems. Designers constantly keep in touch with new materials, processes and technology and readily understand aesthetic, social and functional needs of users.
Can I be a designer?
If you are firm in your views and looking for a career which will give the creative streak in you an outlet and also provide you with a good living, design may be the profession for you. A design education aspirant needs to be self motivated and hardworking and should have an open mind set.
What are the opportunities in the Design field?
The demand for professional interior designers is as strong as ever and graphic designers, likewise, are much needed in a world of expanding media. You'll need to instinctively appreciate the role of design, be able to analyze, problem-solve and communicate your creative vision and develop grounding in design history and theory. Interior design graduates are also sought as stylists, in hospitality and retail and as exhibition and event consultants. Graphic design graduates typically work right across publishing, advertising, and media and online.
Why should one consider designing as a career, alternative to conventional careers like engineering?
The conventional careers like engineering are getting crowded day by day. There are more than crore engineers in the country and approximately 25 lakh engineers of this pool are unemployed. Others are mostly accommodated in non-engineering sectors such as IT. The supply here is much more than the demand, whereas its vice-versa in the field of design.
Why do you say that designers are going to dominate the 21st century?
Till the end of the 20th century, there were only two models of cars plying on the roads. Even then, there used to be a long waiting-list for buying a car. Today, there are hundreds of car models available to the consumers. Similarly, there was only one type of telephone (landline) with a long wait-list, a consumer used to get the phone line and instrument after a decade. Things have changed with the advent of mobile phones. Now, hundreds of models are available to choose from. From cars to phones to high end fashion to plush home or office furniture, designers are constantly creating and reshaping the world we live in.
‘Design’ maybe a lucrative career but how do I know if it's for me?
Most parents are aware of their child’s talents, be it in drawing, sketching or putting things together. It is necessary to take a creativity test which will check creative traits like fluency, originality and also the aesthetic sense of a child. A child needs to take a detailed design test to find out the right career path for him/ her. As there are many careers available in the field of industrial design, visual communication and fashion, this test is necessary. Such creative aptitude tests are quite different from the common aptitude/ psychometric tests available the world over. These psychometric tests have seven tests which check mostly logical aptitude and fail to assess the creative aptitude of students.
What are the Skills Required to be a Designer?
Apart from the basic key qualities like innovative thinking, creative ability, the ability to draw, visual perception, sound aesthetics, empathy with the user and creative engineering, designers also require the following skills:
Presentation skills
Communication skills
Commercial and entrepreneurial skills
Problem-solving skills
Eye for detail
Ability to work in team
General computer skills (knowledge of design tools like CAD etc)
What is the Scope & Prospects for Designers?
There are various career options for designers. They can be employed by manufacturing establishments, large corporations or design firms. Even the Government recruits a large number of designers. Designers can also freelance or start their own venture. You can also choose to become a teacher in design school and university. As a teacher and faculty you have the option to continue to provide consultation or operate small design studios to complement the classroom teaching. Some of the fields to which designers can make their profession are:
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Graphic Design & Animation
Textile Design
CAD Engineer
Ceramic Design
Automobile Design
Public Utility Equipments Design
Appliances and House Ware Design
What is a typical Career Path for a Designer?
Mostly all the courses in Design provide professional experience, training or internship during their programme. Students are exposed to a wide variety of real life situations, and get to test their skills on problem solving. This brings students close to the industry and help in them understanding the design industry dynamics. They are also helpful in decision making about which career option they want to choose. After 1-2 years of on-the-job training, students gradually advance to higher level positions. They may undertake positions of chief designer, design department head, or other supervisory positions in large firms or corporate houses. After gaining good experience you can start your own design studios. Jobs You can expect tough competition on the job front as there are many creative individuals who are attracted to the Design career. You have to have an extra talent and be up-to-date with the technology to be successful. Designers with strong backgrounds in engineering and computer-aided design and extensive business expertise generally have the best prospects. Designers who can closely monitor and react to, changing customer demands-and who can work with marketing and strategic planning staffs to come up with new ideas and products-will improve their job prospects. Conclusion Design is a career which offers great challenges and at the same time immense scope for your creativity and innovative ideas. It provides you with the satisfaction of seeing your ideas into shape and form and obviously getting recognition. You have to possess those extraordinary skills to make your place in this very competitive market. There are many institutes that offer accredited Design programmes or courses and help students through the placement process, which you can join to kick start your career in design.
What is Graphic Designing?
Graphic designing is an art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication. Under this, students are taught how to use computer for the purpose of designing. They are taught to use various softwares like CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Pagemaker, 2-D and 3-D animation, 3D Studio Max etc. Graphic designing job consists making the layout of advertisements, poster designing, banner designing, cartoon designing, film production related designing and web page designing etc.
What is Fashion Technology?
Fashion designers attempt to design clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. They sketch their ideas and creativity on paper and turn them in the form of attires. In the present scenario, fashion market of many countries has broken the domestic boundaries and flourishing at International level. Its credit goes to workmanship of fashion technology professionals.
What is Ceramic and Glass Designing?
It involves the creation of useful and attractive products by using non metallic and inorganic materials with the help of ceramic technology. The ceramic designers are concerned with designing various types of ceramic wares used in industries, households, institutions, corporate houses and other places. There are various industries related to consumer goods which are totally dependent upon ceramic material. It is used vastly in bricks, cement, tiles, glass, pottery etc. and also in electronic industry.
What is Automobile Designing?
As its name suggests, this field is concerned with the designing of automobiles. For this field, an individual must have creativity, ability to design automobiles according to the market requirements and the capacity to work for long hours. There is much competition among the automobile companies as they are trying to come up with new and useful models and capture top position in automobile sector. So, there are good opportunities for automobile designers. Automobile designing courses include training in Aesthetics, Clay Modeling, Design and Styling, Design History, Interior Car Design, Computer Aided Styling (CAS) etc.
What is Footwear Designing?
In present lifestyle, there is a large range of footwear available in the market. Not only leather, but also plastic, jute, rubber and even cloth are used in making footwear. Footwear designers are responsible for making footwear the brand name. This field demands foresight with creativity. The demand of footwear designers is increasing as the people are looking forward for global brands throughout the world.
What is Jewellery Designing?
Women are always crazy for jewelry but now a day’s men are also getting influenced by its charm. The craze of designer jewelry is also increasing like designers clothes. People are not only wearing it but they are also using it for house decoration purpose. Jewellery designing has emerged as a good career option in the present scenario. Jewellery designing consist of designing and making jewellery, stone cutting, engraving and polishing etc. A Jewelry designer does new experiments and tries to make remarkable jewelry designs.
What is Interior Designing?
In this field, creative and technical solutions are applied to build an interior environment within a building, house or structure. An interior designer uses systematic methodology, does research and analysis and applies creativity to improve an interior space according to the client’s need. If have ability to utilize the space with limited budget and resources then this field is right for you.